Sunday, July 24, 2005

Aspen...where the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano

Day 23

Location: Longmont, Colorado

Total miles traveled: 9,300

I woke up early to avoid anyone bugging me for sleeping in the car, so I was on the road by 5:45. I was planning to drive to Eastern Utah to see Canyonlands National Park and Arches NP.
I was on Utah route 12, which is incredibly desolate, but also scenic. I had a good view of the Henry Mountains from a distance:

Route 12 passed through a national park - Capitol Reef, which was very nice to see while the sun was coming up.
I had a few more hours of driving before I would reach the parks on the eastern side of Utah. I decided while driving I would just visit Arches National Park, and then I would drive into Colorado, aiming for Boulder where my friend Melissa just moved from NY.

I arrived at Arches at midday. Although it was near 100 degrees, I did some walking around and had a great time.

Arches is known for its naturally formed arches in the sandstone. It is most well-known for Delicate Arch, which to get close to you had to hike 1.5 miles. It doesn't sound bad, but it's all uphill; however, it was nothing compared to the hike yesterday at Zion.

I'm very glad I made the hike to Delicate was a nice place to sit and relax, and you just have to wonder how long it took nature to create something so incredible.

I left Arches and drove into Moab to stop for some gas and buy some water. By 3pm I was back on the road, aiming to be in Boulder by 9.

The drive to Boulder was nice, despite some rain driving through the Rockies. It was the first time I saw significant rain since I was in North Carolina, so I definitely can't complain.

The rain and an accident delayed me, so I didn't arrive at Melissa's hotel until 10pm. Melissa works for Lockheed Martin and there wasn't an apartment ready for her when she moved out, so Lockheed put her up in a nice Residence Inn. Melissa bought some great tasting sushi for dinner and I stuffed myself, not getting to eat so nicely since Sacramento. She is an excellent host.

Melissa's hotel is just a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park, so together we'll go see that tomorrow. And then we'll relax for the evening, and then I'll head out of here Monday morning.


Pictures from Day 22

I had some trouble last night posting pictures, but now the site seems to be working better, so here are a bunch from the 22nd:
(Be sure to read the entry from the 22nd below)

Zion National Park - Utah

Angels Landing Trail - Zion

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah:

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