Thursday, July 07, 2005

The ferocious man-eating ducks of Bryan, TX

Day 6

Location: Bryan, TX

Total Miles Traveled: 2336

I managed to get just inside the Texas border around 3am this morning. I was surprised I made it this far in one day - then I realized I drove 800 miles throughout the whole day, with a stop in Alabama - I drove in parts of 7 states in one day.

As soon as I got into Texas, I pulled into the first rest stop on I20 which was a welcome center. I took my shoes off, put my feet up on the dash, and reclined my seat to sleep a while. Unfortunately, I couldn't recline my seat much as my back seat is jam-packed. However, it is not hard to fall asleep in such tiny areas after driving a combined 12 or so hours in one day.

I woke up around 9 (CT) and got on the road shortly after. I was roughly 200 miles from Jon's, so I had about 3-4 hours of driving in front of me. I went via 2-lane highways and I was treated to the flat scenery of southeastern Texas...quite a change from the hills and gorges in NC and Tennesee.

Jon and his girlfriend, Catalina, were still working when I arrived at the apartment. Jon left a key for me so I could bring in my things and relax for a while. Since it was 100 degrees, I decided to set my tent up and let it dry out as I didn't have the opportunity to do that earlier. It now somewhat smells like wet-dog, but at least it is dry again - it didn't take long at all in this heat.

It's hard to center these two in a photo - Jon is way too tall

Jon and Catalina got back from work and we went out to dinner, walked at the park near Texas A&M, and then we got ice cream at a "Cold Stone," which was delicious. We came back to the apartment where I soon fell asleep on the couch.

Tomorrow we'll take the hour and a half drive to Houston and spend the day down there, spending some time at the Natural Science Museum, among other places. I'll be leaving here early the following morning.

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