Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 21

Location: Kanab, Utah

Total miles traveled: 8,397

I got on the road shortly after 9 this morning and headed southwest towards the Grand Canyon. I would only be able to see the Northern Rim...even though the more popular Southern Rim is only separated from the Northern Rim by 11 miles (as the crow flies), driving the way around is about 215.

Although it was a little hazy at the Grand Canyon, I was still able to get some great views from the Northern Rim:

I hiked a little ways down inside the canyon...I didn't do it for too long as I was becoming more and more nauseous on the way down. You see, mules share the same trails into the canyon as hikers, so the trails are full of messy mule poop and the smell is awful.

Despite the smell, I was able to get some good looks at the inside of the canyon from walking down a bit:

I got back on the road shortly before sunset, heading back the way I came into Utah. My next stop will be Zion National Park which is near the SW corner of Utah...from there, I'll probably head towards Bryce Canyon.

I learned this evening that I'll have to be back home by the 1st, so I don't have a lot of time, but I should still be able to see all the destinations I had originally planned on visiting.

Gotta find a place to sleep now. Goodnight, everyone.



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